Just like the dentist, a spinal check-up performed by a chiropractor could prove to be valuable in the life of your child. The process of childbirth, as well as learning to sit, crawl, walk and climb involve the potential for falls, trauma and repeated insults to the spine and nervous system. As we get older, childhood brings activities such as running, jumping, wearing heavy backpacks, and, of course falling which further contribute to childhood spinal injury.  These small traumas which arise just from being a kid must be taken seriously as they can become the stepping stones for more serious future difficulties if not dealt with right away.

Did you know that the birth process can be more traumatic to the spine than a car accident?

Chiropractors tend to be thought of as back pain doctors for adults.  In reality, we all have a spine, and that amazing structure houses the nervous system, which controls the function of the entire body!  Problems interfering with this system can interrupt messages travelling throughout the body.  These interruptions can be detected and corrected by a chiropractor no matter how old (or young) the patient may be!  Chiropractic adjustments are painless, gentle, specific, and well-liked by kids!

Many pediatric visits to the chiropractor are due to colic, ear infections, asthma, attention problems, bed-wetting, back/neck pain and headaches. Although chiropractic does not treat specific symptoms, we find that a healthy immune system results in an effective defence mechanism.

But his/her back doesn’t hurt! Why should I take them to a chiropractor?

Our society has been conditioned to think that without signs or symptoms, we are healthy. However, by the time signs and symptoms appear; dysfunction has already been present for a while.  Think of it this way: If one tire on your car that has slightly less air pressure than the others, you can still drive and hardly feel a difference in the ride.  However, a year later, when the tread is checked, all four tires may need to be replaced because the road wear was uneven.  Checking the air pressure sooner would have prevented the extra wear and tear, and the damages to your wallet!  Prevention is always the best line of defence with regards to health, for the entire family!  This prevention is especially important in infants and small children, who cannot verbally express how their body is feeling at any given moment.